Goodcid offers the Goodness of; Trivrit, Bhringraj, Yastimadhu, Guduchi & Khatika (calcium carbonate). It is a novel formulation that helps relieve Acidity & Indigestion.


  1. Offers fast relief from acidity.
  2. Provides long term effect.
  3. Promotes Healing of peptic ulcers.
  4. Improves Digestion

M.R.P:₹ 130.00

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Acidity is common in our country due to prevalence of eating spicy & fried foods. It is also prevalent due to Stress & Sedentary Lifestyle. The mainstay of treatment is allopathy. In the modern medical system there many a novel agents for the management of acid peptic disorders. There are two major streams of antiulcerants in Allopathy, namely, H-2 Receptor Antagonist & Pump Pump Inhibitors. Though these category of products are very effective, but their long term use is associated with potential side effects. There is also a OTC category of quick fix antacids in the form of sodium bicarbonate & fruit-salts (namely Eno), but it’s effects are just cosmetic & it also have many side effects in long term use or indiscriminate use.

It is the ethos of our company to launch innovative, highly efficacious & safe products in popular categories. Goodcid is the continuation of the same tradition. Goodcid as the name connotes means a Good Antacid. Goodcid is good because;

  • It’s highly effective
  • Benefits the entire GI System
  • Very Safe in both Short term & long term usage


  • Trivrit Balances Pitta, helps to minimize bloating, Anti-Ulcerant
  • Bhringraj Reduces Burning, Assists in indigestion, Soothes the digestive tract.
  • Yastimadhu Anti-Inflammatory, Alleviates; Indigestion, Constipation, Acidity & Gastritis.
  • Guduchi Helps relieve indiegestion, flatulence.
  • Khatika Relieves Heartburn, Neutralizes acid, Anti-Ulcerant.

Dosage; 2-3 teaspoonful (10-15 ml), after each meal
It gives us immense satisfaction to give you a product like Goodcid, which is an Effective, Safe & reasonably priced formulation, remember the punch line of your product, Panch Tatva Isme Samaye, Acidity ko door bhagayein.

1.Why is Goodcid preferred over other Antacid’s?

Ans. Goodcid is a next generation Ayurvedic Product, as it exemplifies the spirit of 21st Century.. A purely herbal.. Fast Acting & Effective Antacid, devoid of side effects.

2. How consuming Goodcid is beneficial for me?

Ans. Goodcid contains Time Tested herbs beneficial in controlling acidity & help improve digestion. Moreover it has a very good taste.

3. How can I get best results by using Goodcid?

Ans. While Goodcid is an effective remedy for acidity, it is also important to make some lifestyle modification to control it. Limit the consumption of spicy & junk food, do regular exercise & learn to manage your stress.

4. Is Goodcid safe for long term use?

Ans. Goodcid is an extremely safe & efficacious product for both short & long term use

5. Can Goodcid be consumed in Pregnancy & Lactation?

Ans. While Goodcid is a very safe product still as a precaution it should be avoided in Pregnancy & Lactation