IMUKUF is a ayurvedic cough remedy. It is a synergistic blend of 20 time tested ingredients with proven efficacy, effective in all types of Cough.

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Kesh 21 Hair Oil
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Kesh21 – AYURVEDIC HAIR OIL is a synergistic blend of 18 rare herbs and 3 nourishing oils that reduces hairfall by upto 84% along with Kesh 21 Shampoo in 9 weeks.

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Kesh 21 Shampoo
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Kesh21 RAS Shampoo, is a wonderfully crafted unique herbal shampoo containing 27% herb component.

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IMU 21
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IMU 21 is a unique blend of essential oils of 6 types of Tulsi and 5 other immunity boosting herbs which helps to build a strong immunity.

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ortho 21
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Ortho 21 is specially formulated oil for the management of painful disorders effective in both Chronic Pain as well as Acute Pain.

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