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    Contains herbs in their Clinically Significant Quantities


    Products made from the fine quality of Herbs.


  • Goodcid offers the Goodness of; Trivrit, Bhringraj, Yastimadhu, Guduchi & Khatika (calcium carbonate). It is a novel formulation that helps…

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  • Kesh21 – Ayurvedic Hair Oil is a synergistic blend of 18 rare herbs and 3 nourishing oils. BENEFITS Clinically Tested,…

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  • Ras shampoo

    Kesh 21 RAS Shampoo is a unique ayurvedic shampoo containing 27% herb component. BENEFITS Clinically Tested, Reduces Hair Fall up…

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  • Ortho21

    Ortho21 Advance Oil Ortho 21 is specially formulated oil for the management of painful disorders. BENEFITS Product Formulated after due…

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  • IMUKUF is an ayurvedic cough remedy which is a synergistic blend of 20 time tested ingredients with proven efficacy. BENEFITS…

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  • Ashwagandha Tablets Ashwagandha Extract Tablets are beneficial in strengthening the immune system and it also helps the body to cope…

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  • Giloy Ghanvati Tablets Giloy Ghanvati is a versatile ayurvedic herb that helps to boost immunity naturally and is also helpful…

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  • Imu21 Drops IMU 21 is a unique blend of essential oils of 6 types of Tulsi Fortified with other Immunity…

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    Our Products are clinically tested, truly herbal in letter and spirit.

    Our vision is to serve the humanity.

    Product Formulated after due consultations with Ayurvedic Doctors & Herbal Formulation Experts.

    Our products contain herbs in their clinically significant quantities.

    The products we have developed are second to none in terms of quality, safety & efficacy attributes.

    The role of every ingredient is duly researched & validated. In combination products it is essential that there should be relevant synergy within the formulation.

    We have processed our products as per the Standard Ayurvedic Manufacturing Guidelines.