Herbotop: The Ultimate Herbal Formulation for Male Stamina and Energy

Urja Aur Umang, Herbotop Ke Sang

  • Stamina, Strength and Energy Enhancer for Men
  • Novel Vigour & Vitality Booster
  • Purely Herbal, No minerals, No metals
  • Genuinely No Side Effects
  • Safe for Long term use
  • Non Steroidal, Non Hormonal
  • Top Quality Herbal Extracts Used; Ratio 10:1
  • Nature of Herbs Balya, Rasayana & Vajikar leading to higher vigour & vitality levels


Herbotop is a novel stamina, energy, vigour & vitality booster for men. It is herbal, 100% plant based, with no minerals & metals included, specially developed by our formulation development team. It is also an effective solution for those who feel low on energy and vitality, and its regular consumption increases endurance.

We have used Herbal Extracts in the concentration of 10:1, thereby lending them extreme potency, making Herbotop an effective endurance enhancer & at the same time a very safe one too.

Herbotop offers the synergy of extracts of Safed Musli, Ashwagandha, Kaunch Beej, Gokhru, Vidarikand, Akarkara & Dalchini along with powders of; Salab Mishri, Salam Panja, Jaiphal, Javitri & Banslochan. This all herbal formula devoid of minerals & metals, is very suitable for long term use. Herbotop can also be consumed by those, who need all day energy, on a sustainable basis, without worrying about side effects.

A very important feature of Herbotop is that it is an all herbal formula, devoid of any mineral & metals, which are normally the mainstay of such products. We can vouch for the fact that Herbotop is formulated on food principles & it is so safe that it can be used for the long run.

  • Akarkara
  • Ashwagandha
  • Banslochan
  • Dalchini
  • Gokhru
  • Jaiphal
  • Javitri
  • Kauch Beej
  • Safed Musli
  • Salab Mishri
  • Salam Panja
  • Vidarikand


  • Take 1 tablet of Herbotop in morning & evening with warm milk.
  • ImportantFor best results take regularly for a minimum of two to three months.

Q1. Why is Herbotop the preferred Vigour & Vitality Booster ?

Ans. Herbotop is a novel energy & stamina boosting formulation. The great thing about it is that it is purely herbal, devoid of any minerals & metals. Our plant based product comprises of ingredients that are Balya, Rasayana & Vajikar i.e. they remarkably enhance Vigour & Vitality, without side effects. Also Herbotop can be consumed by those who need all day energy, on a sustainable basis.

Q2. How effective is Herbotop?

Ans.  Herbotop is an effective vigour & vitality booster. It is our endeavor to launch effective & safe formulations that customers can consume with confidence for the long term.

Q3. For what problems can Herbotop be consumed?

Ans. Herbotop is a tangible solution for those who feel low on energy and vitality. Its regular consumption increases endurance. The punch line of Herbotop gives the optimal message; Urja aur Umang Herbotop ke sang.

Q4. Is Herbotop a safe product & can it be used for long term?

Ans. Herbotop is safe & effective formulation. It is a non-steroidal & non-hormonal product. Herbotop does not contain any Mineral & Metal, making it the energy & vitality booster of choice & apt for long term use.

Q5. What is the quality of Herbal Extracts used in Herbotop?

Ans. At Ontop Vedics we take quality of ingredients seriously. The extracts used in Herbotop are of a superior quality. The herbs are extracted in the ratio 10:1 i.e. 10 kg material is reduced to 1 kg of extract. This lends great potency to the formulation.